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Glass Splashbacks for Kitchens in South Africa

Why to choose glass splashbacks for your kitchen in South Africa? Are you in need of transformation of your tired and outdated kitchen? By having a strong focal point within your lay out you can create a stunning look for your kitchen with a new backsplash. Nowadays, glass splash backs are popularly used in the kitchen not merely because it gives an attractive look but also to give life to the kitchen since it reflects a lot of natural light which brightens your kitchen. When deciding on décor, practicality, function, cost and design are key factors. This applies to all aspects including the stove splashback. Should you choose tiles?

Reasons for why splashbacks in kitchens are great

There are more reasons to love glass splash backs and we believe we can convince you by the following:

Glass Splashbacks for KitchensGlass Splash backs are easy to clean.Being very sleek and flat, glass splash backs will be easy to clean. Commonly, you only need to wipe the stain or spill, and it will be clean soon. You do not need to spend more money on cleaning materials in normal cases. This is practical and appealing for people who love cooking.

Glass Splash backs do not get mouldy or stained.You do not need to scrub or remove mould or stains from group joints, as very snugly fitted against kitchen counters and cabinets.

Glass Splash backs can be made in any colour.It doesn’t matter what colour your kitchen is, the glass will stay clear and bright. A glass splash back can be made in any colour you want to match your kitchen. There are many choices for colours for glass splash backs to choose from in  our range. You can make sure that yours will be matching to kitchen design, theme, and style. This is a nice thing to have. No matter what your color choice.

Glass Splash backs can be made into any design. You can have your own design too! no longer just an afterthought, with our powerful waterjet glass cutter the splash backs feature more sophisticated designs with cut-out where you need them, having moved away from the traditional tiling and favoring unique materials and textures. Now we can even add you digital photos to the back of the glass.

Glass Splash backs are heat resistant.If you cook for hours and your glass splashbacks are exposed to heat for the entire time, it will be just fine. As we use specially toughened glass.  It will not change the shape or colors or warp. We also have a 10 year warranty. So all you have to worry about is what marvellous creation you are cooking for dinner.

Glass Splash backs look modern.With the funky designs and colours available, your kitchen can have a very modern and unique appearance leaving your neighbours and visitors wanting one too! There are so many stylish backsplash ideas for tile, stone, glass, ceramic and more. The glass is tinted, coloured and printed are also available.


From images of engineered stones, wall cladding, red brick to forest or even image of your pets. The mind boggles at the options available for kitchen splashbacks. You going to fall in love with our splashbacks.

This will give your kitchen a contemporary sleek and stylish feel. If you want your kitchen to be a little funky to inspire your creativity then why not look into getting a splash back that features a unique colourful design or pattern. Make your Kitchen reflect your style and personality with this diverse kitchen must have.